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You need a cover, and not just any cover

Finally you have your book finished. A lot of effort and a considerable investment in a proofreader and maybe even an editor. You are going all out and you want your book to be read and profitable. You even want it to be a source of income.

Now you need to sell your work with the best image. You know that it is a key piece for the success of the book, whether it is in its printed version or in its electronic version. It will appear in the networks, online stores and blogs. It’s going to be your business card and your best advertisement. You need a cover, and not just any cover.

First of all, I’m going to give you a warning. This is a professional service. We love working with independent authors, but we assume that they have a budget for the cover and that there is an appreciation for the design. We make unique covers for unique books, we don’t believe in using templates or instant solutions.

Figures for the publishing sector

It is terribly complicated for an author to get published in a traditional publishing house. Often the quality is not related to the possibility of being published. And in the case of getting published, the author will not see a penny until he or she sells a certain number of copies. The first-time author is paid only 5% of the total last year. Moreover, he has no way of knowing how many copies he has sold.

Fortunately, nowadays there is the possibility of self-publishing. Perhaps the most interesting option is Amazon, which offers 70% of the profit to the author. Paradoxically, self-publishing accounts for only 20% of the total published. Don’t you see a clear opportunity?

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Experience is crucial

We have been doing book covers for more than 10 years. We’ve worked on all types of books, from novels to non-fiction. We have worked with the most important publishers in the country, such as Planeta and Espasa. And with the best-selling writers.

This know-how is crucial to create the best cover. Because we have a strategic vision of the sector and we know the registers of each genre. What can work and what can’t. And this is very important for your book to have the best sales and reach as many readers as possible. A cover is free publicity for your book and you can’t miss the target.

Take a look at the work we have done, do you like it? You can have a cover like this too.

Portada de «El taller de los libros prohibidos»
Portada de «Dislexia ni despiste ni pereza»

Increase your book sales.
Reach the maximum of your potential audience.

We like those who go their own way

Because we are also independent, we understand the merit of going freelance. That’s why we offer special rates for freelance writers and publishers. Contact us and we will give you the best price.


We have our heads set on the digital world. We know it is the present and the future. That’s why our covers are designed to work great on the screen. And of course we will provide you with all the files so you can promote your book online.

Specialized in self-publishing.
Ebook, Amazon kdp.

Portada de «I tuit you»
Portada de «Guía del Madrid Mágico»

The cover, the most profitable investment.
If the cover is not liked, nobody will buy the book.

Our Unique Work Process

To create the best cover page, we follow a proprietary process that has been improved over the years. Following this method ensures that we leave no stone unturned and that communication is smooth and easy.

1. We will meet via videoconference to discuss your book for one hour. This is one of the most important moments of the process, and I will provide you with all my publishing experience to see between the two of us the best way to sell your work. We will look at the target audience, the competition, similar books, genre and tone. You will tell me the essence of the text. We will decide your target audience and design together a communication strategy. From this we will draw a brief, a document to work on firmly. You can even get ideas on how to communicate your book.

2. Now it’s my turn. With all this information I start working on the cover. It’s time to do some research, study options and come up with the best possible cover. It is a complex process that usually takes three weeks. I need this time to test proposals and see what really works.

3. It is time for the presentation. I will send you two different proposals by mail so you can have options to compare. As a general rule, the winning cover will come out of this. If not, we will make the necessary modifications until we get it perfect. We always like authors to be proud of their covers.

4. Final adjustments. We will make the corrections to the front and back cover text. We also make the design adjustments to make the cover technically perfect.

5. The design is ready. I will pass you all the deliverables you will need: the pdf for printing and the digital versions in jpg for the ebook, the promotion in networks and online stores. You will have your professional cover with all the rights in order ready to be launched.

What they think of us

It has been easy and wonderful to work with Pedro! He is a dedicated professional and concerned about the final result of his work coming out the way you want it to and the way you had imagined. He doesn’t stop until you are proud of your cover. He did the cover of my book «No te soltaré» and I couldn’t be happier and prouder to have contacted him and had him do the proposal. Absolutely recommended!!!

Sergio Franco, Author

The experience of working with Pedro Viejo was completely satisfactory. He grasped every indication and adapted point by point to the demands of the project. He is proactive and all his design recommendations have been effective for the target audience.

Andrés Sardinero, Author, General Health Psychologist

Pedro Viejo designed the perfect cover for my novel «La pata de oca»: striking, creative and totally representative of the spirit of the story. He understood from the beginning what I was looking for and managed, with a single image, to paint an appealing summary of the plot. Moreover, as he is a wizard with Photoshop, he managed to adapt even the smallest details of the image to the reality of the novel. Good ideas and good technique: the perfect combination.

Raquel G. Osende, Author

Pedro is one of the best professionals I have met throughout my career. We have worked together for many years at Grupo Planeta and his critical eye and taste for design is truly exceptional. Every cover Pedro presented was a best seller. Today he continues to offer that exquisite taste that characterizes him in his own company. I would definitely recommend Pedro for any graphic design project.

Rebeca García, Editor

Working with Pedro on the editorial design of our books, both the inside and the cover, is always a guarantee. With him, dialogue is easy because he knows how to listen and also to propose. He is extremely meticulous with details and always meets deadlines. Highly recommended.

Javier García, Volcano Libros

Portada de «La lavanda silvestre que iluminó París»
Portada de «La tierra de la lluvia escasa»

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